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CALL NOW! 410 726 7326

At High Tech Inspections our home inspectors and staff are well-prepared to provide a thorough Berlin home inspection! The purchase of a new home is an exciting experience. High Tech has 15 years of experience in new home inspections, old home inspections, luxury home inspections, and more! We are Berlin’s trusted home inspectors and provide meticulous home inspections and detailed reports for Berlin and Worcester County Maryland. High Tech is your one-stop shop for everything Berlin home inspections!

Berlin Home Inspection:  What We Look For

The thorough Berlin Home Inspection is provided by licensed and certified home NACHI and ASHI inspection experts. At High Tech Home Inspections we inspect from top to bottom, inside and out, checking:

Crawlspace Inspections, basement, and foundation

  • Moisture intrusion inspection: High Tech looks for water leaks and groundwater penetration
  • Foundation and Slab: Our trained home inspectors look for cracks, displacement, and moisture issues
  • Beams and Floor structure inspection: We look for wood damage, installation issues, rot, and installation issues
  • Insulation and vapor barrier: Our home inspection pros look for missing, loose, or degraded vapor barriers and insulation

Electrical Inspections

  • Safety devices: Our well-versed home inspectors check breakers, smoke alarms, CO alarms,  GFCI, and AFCI devices
  • Electric Meter: High Tech’s licensed inspector checks the panel box for wiring issues and uses an Infrared Camera to check for unusual hot spots
  • Switches and Receptacles: Our highly trained inspectors confirm accessible outlets are operational and grounded

HVAC System Inspection Services

  • Heat and vent system: We operate the heating system to make sure the system is operating smoothly.
  • Air conditioner system: Our Berlin inspector reviews the AC unit, checking the safety switch, and cooling performance
  • Duct Work: We inspect visible areas of ductwork for loose and improperly installed tape, gaps, and areas of damage.

Exterior Property Inspection and Roof Inspection Services

  • Roof: Our Licensed Drone Operators check the roof coverings, hard-to-reach chimneys, and roof penetrations
  • Cladding: Our professional home inspectors check the siding and trim and can use their Moisture Meters to help identify areas of moisture penetration
  • Balconies and decks: Our highly trained inspectors look for rusted hardware, installation issues, signs of settlement and separation
  • Door and Windows: Our Berlin Inspector will check for proper operation and inspect the seals and locks. High Tech uses moisture meters to check for moisture penetration issues at these key locations
  • Dock and boat lifts: Our experienced team will inspect boat lifts for proper operation and docks for damaged wood

Plumbing System Inspection

  • Water supply: Our experienced home inspectors check all faucets, sinks, & toilets. Moisture Meters help confirm leaks
  • Plumbing Drainage System: Our professionals check traps and drains for leaks and efficient drainage
  • Main water shutoff valve: We locate and verify the operation of the main water valve
  • Sump pump inspection: Our inspection pros check exterior hose bibs for leaks and proper operation

Why Choose High Tech Inspections for Your Berlin Home Inspection

When you work with our team of local Berlin home inspectors you can trust our team’s experience will deliver thorough inspections including termite inspections, septic inspections, air quality testing, and commercial inspections promptly.

Please call us today to schedule your Berlin home inspection today!

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