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We’re ready to be of service to you as you transition into your new house with a Lewes home inspection!

Obtaining a new home or second place at the beach  is an exciting moment. Let our team at High Tech help you focus on making your experience a smooth and pleasant move. We work hard to take the worry out of your purchase with a comprehensive Lewes home inspection!

Starting in 2009, our professionals at High Tech have offered accurate home inspections for the Lewes, DE and Sussex County areas!


Lewes, DE Home Inspection:  What We Look For

The comprehensive Lewes, DE Home Inspection is provided by licensed and certified home inspection experts.

At High Tech Home Inspections, we inspect from top to bottom, inside and out, investigating:


Exterior Property Inspection and Roof Inspection Services

  • Roof: Roof coverings, gutters, roof penetrations, flashing and downspouts. Drones are used for those hard to reach places
  • Cladding: Our licensed home inspectors check the external cladding inclusive of the siding and trim
  • Walkways, Decks, Balconies: Our professional inspectors will determine the condition of walkways, decks, and balconies and check for surface deterioration or settlement
  • Doors and Windows: Our Lewes, DE inspectors know in a coastal environment  to examine seals, and locks for proper operation, and inspect for moisture related issues. We use Moisture Meters in these sometime problematic areas


Crawlspace Inspections, Basement, and Foundation

  • Moisture Intrusion Inspection: Our professionals search for moisture-related issues including water leaks, ground water penetration, mold growth, wet foundation, and structural decay
  • Foundation and Slab: We inspect for cracks, displacement, and moisture issues
  • Beams and Floor Structure Inspection: Your coastal Home Inspectors look for wood damage, installation issues, and structural rotting
  • Insulation and Vapor Barrier: Our home inspection pros check for the presence of missing, loose, or degraded vapor barriers and missing insulation


Electrical Inspections

  • Wiring Methods: Our experienced inspectors  look for improper splices, uncovered boxes, and Aluminum wiring.
  • Breakers: Your licensed inspectors ensure there are no double taps, and use an Infrared Camera to check for overheated connections

Switches and Receptacles: We confirm accessible outlets are operational and grounded


HVAC System Inspection Services

  • Heat and Vent System: Your HVAC inspector will  identify the type of heating system and its energy source
  • Air Conditioner System: Our licensed home inspectors test the AC unit to validate it is cooling as designed and look for signs of deferred maintenance
  • Duct Work: We inspect visible areas of ductwork for kinks or obstructions, and sagging areas all of which can lead to internal moisture issues.


Plumbing System Inspection

  • Interior Water Supply: Our experienced home inspectors check all faucets, sinks, toilets for proper flow and leaks
  • Water Heater: Your inspector will report the age, size and type of water heater, with an eye for proper operation and leaks
  • Fuel Storage: Our experienced inspectors will look for CSST gas pipe and check that its properly grounded
  • Sump Pump Inspection: Our inspection pros test accessible sump pumps and basins for proper operation


Why Choose High Tech Inspections for your Lewes, DE Home Inspection?

Your Lewes home inspectors at High Tech are equipped and trained to provide you a detailed inspection and an easy to read report

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To schedule our Lewes, DE home inspectors for your inspection, please call us today!


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