Irrigation and Sprinkler Inspections

Want to know the condition of the irrigation system? Give High Tech a call to schedule your irrigation inspection today.

High Tech will operate and inspect the visual components of the irrigation system. Most of the irrigation system is underground; we will not be digging up the yard, but we will be able to tell you a lot by testing and inspecting what is visible. We will tell you if the system is running properly and what defects we find. This inspection may prevent unexpected high water bills and help ensure a healthy lawn.

What to expect during our inspection?

  • Our inspector will be locating the control clock and turning on all zones of the system, watching each one run, and will report any observable defects.
White PVC pipes going underground beside a house

Why Should I Have a Sprinkler System Inspected?

  • Just like other mechanical and plumbing systems, the irrigation system that keeps your yard looking good needs care and maintenance. Since these systems are mostly underground, testing is required for a proper inspection. Our trained home inspectors can test your sprinkler system in a timely and affordable manner. We will flag problem areas and provide a detailed report.
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Some Things We Look For:

Heads/nozzles not aligned properly or straight up

Broken Sprinkler heads or nozzles

Too high or low water pressure

No vacuum breaker or check valve

Damaged or control clock not operable

Leaking or broken pipes

Presence of backflow device

Water spraying on the house, street, or driveway

Signs of leaks below grade

Dry areas

green control valve cover