One-Year Warranty Inspections

Your First Year In Your New Home Is Almost Up! Protect Your Investment With A One Year Warranty Inspection!

You have bought a new home and are settled in. As your first-year winds down it’s important to take advantage of the builder’s one-year warranty. Having a warranty inspection gives you a last chance to make sure your new home meets your expectations and helps to protect your investment. Your professional third party report from High Tech Inspections will provide you with supporting documentation to present to your builder. A home, regardless of how well built, is not perfect and time only increases the likelihood of problems occurring.

Make High Tech Inspections part of your team and we will help protect your home, your investment, and your peace of mind, now and in the future!

When Should I Have My One Year Warranty Inspection?

  • At least 30 days prior to your warranty expiration date. This allows time to review the findings and send the builder the report in plenty of time.
  • If you’re experiencing problems or notice anything unusual, schedule an inspection any time while your home is still under warranty.
pre-sale listing inspection of a new house

A Small Price for Peace of Mind!

Why Should I Have A One Year Warranty Inspection?

  • It is an economical way to protect your investment and have your builder make any needed repairs.
  • Provides a documented professional third-party evaluation for you and your builder.
  • Creates a record of any problems and issues prior to warranty expiration.
  • Things change over the course of a year, there may be issues you are unaware of or were not present 10 months ago.
  • We answer any questions you have and provide suggested maintenance tips.
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