Pre-Listing Inspections

Pre-Listing Inspections

When preparing for the sale of a house or commercial building, a thorough High Tech presale inspection can provide a number of important advantages. Having a clear picture of the property’s condition allows you to get out in front of any serious issues and can help alleviate the anxiety associated with the buyer’s inspection. Confidence in your property’s overall condition makes pricing easier and can help maximize your profits. Buyers may also be more confident and less willing to haggle if they know you have had a thorough property inspection beforehand.

Pre-Listing Inspections Makes Sense for Most Sellers

In some situations, having a pre-listing inspection may not be advisable. However, for many sellers the benefits of a pre-listing inspection often far outweigh any drawbacks. It is a take-charge approach to keep you one step ahead throughout the selling process.

You will have a feel for the path ahead, be able to plan accordingly, and possibly get a better price for your property.

High Tech suggests discussing the pros and cons of a pre-sale inspection with several local real estate agents. For more on this matter visit Max Realestate Exposure.

Pros and cons of a pre-listing home inspection

Pre-Listing Walk and Talk Evaluations

If you have concerns about a few specific areas of your home, like the crawl space and roof, a Pre-listing Walk and Talk may be a great alternative to a full pre-sale inspection. During a Walk and Talk, one of our experienced and certified team members will spend a period of time evaluating your top areas of concern. At the end of the evaluation, we provide an oral recap and answer any questions you may have. These evaluations typically last one hour (longer on request) and no report or pictures are provided.

Walk and Talks do not meet the standards of practice for a home inspection and are not meant to take the place of a full home inspection.

High Tech home inspector standing outside with homeowner

Pre-Listing Septic Inspections

The condition of the septic system can be the biggest hurdle during the sale of some properties. There is no need for this. Having a pre-sale septic inspection gives you the knowledge you need and can allow you time to complete simple repairs, or maintenance items. If the system is unsatisfactory and needs replacement, now or in the near term, you can plan for this expense. Your realtor can help you price your home accordingly and plan for negotiations that may require finesse and foresight. A pre-sale septic inspection gives you crucial insights that may prevent losing a buyer, provides peace of mind, and may increase your profit.

Pre-Listing Inspection Packages

Schedule a Pre-Listing Home or Septic Inspection with High Tech and we will provide free aerial photographs of your property that you can use for your marketing.

Schedule a Pre-Listing Walk and Talk Evaluation and High Tech will provide aerial photographs for $75 on most properties.

*High Tech’s inspectors are trained and certified drone pilots. With their flying skills, they can capture the beauty of your property for use in all of your marketing needs.*