Walk and Talk Inspections

Today’s competitive market puts some buyers at a disadvantage.


To the point, they are making offers with no home inspection contingencies.


A Walk and Talk Consultation can help!

What is a Walk and

Talk Consultation?


A Walk and Talk Consultation is a 30 – 90 minute verbal review of a home’s general condition. The scope including primary areas of concern and length of the consultation is agreed to beforehand. These consultations are designed to give buyers and sellers a professional’s insight prior to writing a contract or listing a property.

Who Uses a Walk and Talk?

  • A person considering making an offer that is not contingent on a home inspection
  • If you are pressed for time and can’t wait for a home inspection and written report
  • If you are out of the area and can’t visit the property before writing a contract, we can do a face time Walk and Talk Consultation
  • If you can afford to make repairs on items not observed or commented on during a brief consultation
  • If you are listing a home, but have a few areas of concern you want checked out first

Walk and Talk Consultation vs. Home Inspection

  • A Walk and Talk is not a home inspection and should not take the place of a subsequent home inspection.
  • Walk and Talks are very limited in comparison to a home inspection.
  • Walk and Talks are designed to look for major problems with timely feedback.
  • Walk and Talks do not meet State guidelines for a home inspection nor meet industry standards of practice for a home inspection.
  • Walk and Talks do not include a report or pictures. Recordings are not permitted but note-taking is allowed.